What Sets Us Apart

Our Focus

Pediatric Dental Specialists of Central Oklahoma has a reputation for offering comprehensive pediatric dental care in a friendly, inviting, and professional environment.  Our patients are our focus, and we pride ourselves on customer service and creating positive experiences for patients and parents alike.  We strive to develop relationships, and when you visit our practice, you’re not just another smile - you’re family!

We provide a variety of dental treatments that are comfortable, safe, and effective. Our doctors and staff do their best to explain practice philosophies, treatment methods, and procedures in detail up front and at every visit.  Our practice is equipped with the latest dental technology, so we can provide complete care for your little one’s smile.

Dental Health to Last a Lifetime

Our ultimate goal is to optimize dental health among our patients and to build a foundation of dental health to last a lifetime.  We aim to teach proper oral healthcare to children and their parents/caretakers and desire to help patients prevent future dental disease and maintain healthy habits.  We strive to accomplish all of this in a fun, positive way. We want dental visits to be something all children look forward to!

Your Child's Dental Home

The American Acadamy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages every child to have an established "dental home" by 12 months of age.  A dental home is defined as "an ongoing relationship between the dentist and the patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accesible, coordinated, and family-centered way."  Just as your child meets his or her pediatrician at birth and continues in that physician's care until nearing adulthood, a pediatric dental home serves that same comprehensive role for your child's dental health needs and dental development.  Drs. Moody and Heim strive to create lasting relationships with their patients and families from a young age in order to provide the best longterm dental care and dental home for your child.